"Left to Chance: In Search of the Accidental Book"

at The San Francisco Center for the Book in 2012.

This piece is called "Stories".

Mixed Media Box Construction, with audio, video, intaglio prints, and accordion book

with acrylic on paper. (Unique)

The impetus behind  this work came about from the enthusiasm for creative pursuits that children of the ages 2-7 normally exhibit (the so-called golden age of childhood art.) By involving the whole family in various projects from painting, drawing, printmaking, to video and sound recordings, our aim is to examine and record the interactions between the adult creative mind and the child's. These projects often involve chance through the use of playful markmaking, explorations of sound and musical instruments, and improvised storytelling.





Interviews -- Artist Book

The idea for the book emerged from a series of prints made by integrating

children's mark-making, texts of conversations with imaginary friends,

and answers to art related interview questions. It became a take on

bedtime storybooks as well as the traditional artist/ poet collaborations

in illustrated book form.


Hand printed and bound book. 12" by 9.5"

22 pages, 11 intaglio prints, with letterpress text.

edition of 3 plus one artist proof.



title page

Infinity Room I

Red Whale Figures/ Maiden Name (Orion)

Detail- Maiden Name (Orion)

Aquatint, hard-ground, engraving, and hand-stamped letters.

Thai Motif/ Window

Engraving, collagraph, power tools/ aquatint, scraper and burnisher.

Detail of engraving in ornate scroll hanger.

Infinity Room II

Detail of  engraving in reflected

starlight in the lower section 

Detail of mezzotint with engraving and collagraph

in the window section