Progression/ Regression 

Hard-ground etching, engraving, spit bite aquatint, aquatint, sugar lift, chine colle,

collagraph, scraper and burnisher.

5 copper plates and 2 collagraph plates.

Printed in 5 colors.



Where the Floor Meets the Wall 2

Aquatint, spit-bite aquatint, and soap ground.

from 2 plates

30" by 24"



Transformation: Numerals into Figures.

Soft-ground, hard-ground, sugar-lift aquatint, aquatint, with chine colle.

4.5" by 8"

From 3 plates.



Reflection/ Reflexion

Water-based monotype, engraving, power-tool intaglio.

From one plexiglass plate (printed by hand twice) and 2 zinc plates printed on

an etching press.

18" by 28"